Project Management Services

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Intramode provides project management services to control the purchasing process from beginning to end in order to allow our clients to step out of the details and minutia and do what they do best, which is run their business.  Intramode will order product, analyze actual costs, track deliveries, process invoices, coordinate warehousing, deliveries and installation, and make sure that what our clients expected to receive is exactly what they got.

  • Order Expediting:  As one of the most important links to the success of the project, Intramode provides continuous follow up with each vendor to ensure compliance with promised ship dates and to resolve any issues that could prevent timely shipment.
  • Actual vs. Budget Reporting:  The firm maintains cost controls for FF&E with itemized reporting to the client that details the variance between the original approved budget and the current forecast.  Updates are provided monthly or as required by the client.  Deliverable(s):  Budget Variance Report - Detailed All Costs or Client Price Breakdown Report.
  • Delivery Status Reporting:  Intramode provides continuous updates on the delivery status of each FF&E item.  Updates are provided monthly or as required by the client.  Deliverable(s):  Purchase Order Warehouse Receiving Report.
  • Vendor Invoice Auditing/Payables Reporting:  The firm's accounting department and Project Managers audit each vendor invoice against the purchase documents.  Any discrepancies or revisions are handled by the Project Manager assigned to the project immediately.
  • Fire Certification Documentation:  Intramode obtains all necessary fire certification compliance documentation for each vendor.  The certificates are presented to the client in bound format prior to project completion.
  • Attic Stock Inventory:  Intramode maintains a separate inventory of all purchases made for project attic stock.  The client's attic stock is always maintained separately from the quantities required for the project installation.
  • Warehousing and Installation:  The firm will secure bids and procure the services of a specialist in the warehousing, inventory and installation of hotel FF&E.
  • On-site Installation Coordination:  Intramode’s staff will be on site to manage the installation of all FF&E items.
  • Project Closeout Documentation:  At project completion, final lists of vendors, products, warranties, as well as status of any open items, damaged items, or non-conforming items, and the action required in order to reach a swift conclusion will be submitted to the Owner.  Deliverable(s):  Copies of Manufacturer’s Warranties, PO Items Expediting Report.