Pre-Procurement Services

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Pre-Procurement Services

Intramode provides professional services for our clients even before any purchases are made on their behalf.  Offering comprehensive assistance to our clients to enable them to reach the point where they are ready to purchase FF&E is a big part of what we do.  Acquiring data and information regarding budgets, model rooms, drawing and specification accuracy, quantification, scheduling and sourcing are part of the “due diligence” period that allows our clients to determine whether or not their projects can move forward.  We are experts at value engineering, maintaining budgets and project scheduling.

  • Preliminary Budget Analysis:  Intramode prides itself on treating each project as a unique entity with unique requirements.  As such, Intramode’s analysis of the FF&E budget will accommodate the client's needs and the designer's vision.  Deliverable(s):  Budget Price Breakdown Report, Index by Area Report, Budget by Room Type Report, or Budget Price by Area Report.
  • Model Room Development and Review:  Intramode will be actively involved during the model room design development stage.  If Intramode has been contracted in the early stages of the project, we will lend our assistance to the designer in recommending sources for the manufacturing of one-off quantities required for the model room. The recommended source would also be capable of producing in quantity and at a competitive price for the full project.  With sufficient timing allowed for this important stage, the firm can also begin the value engineering process.
  • Interior Design Specification and Drawing Review:  In an effort to minimize questions during the bid process, Intramode will review the designer's documents and jointly resolve any ambiguous information therein.
  • Quantification Analysis:  Intramode's project team will initiate a physical count or "take-off" of each FF&E item from the designer's coded plans and compare the results with the quantities provided by the designer.  Any discrepancies will be addressed with the designer, and a resolution determined, prior to the issuance of the purchase orders and final cost reporting.
  • Project Scheduling:  Pursuant to the client's objectives, and reflective of the timelines of the work of the other project consultants, Intramode will develop a detailed schedule which will mesh all of the milestones into one cohesive and comprehensive schedule.  Deliverable(s):  Items Ordered by List Report.
  • Cash Flow Document:  Intramode will prepare a document indicating anticipated monthly cash flow of the FF&E through project completion stage.
  • Pre-Bid Qualifying:  Intramode will "qualify" all potential bidders (manufacturers) of FF&E by assessing their current financial stability and factory capabilities.  Any recent management changes will be analyzed to determine possible impact on customer service, quality control and production capacity.  The list of bidders to be pre-qualified will include the designer's specified sources as well as client recommendations.
  • Source Recommendations:  Intramode will recommend for consideration to the designer and client all manufacturing sources that have recently provided the firm with the best "value"; i.e., the best quality-for-price ratio, excellent production capability and superb custom service.