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Intramode provides purchasing services for our clients with a few different approaches.  Our primary method of operation for purchasing has been acting as a “Dealer.”  This manner of procurement allows Intramode to utilize all of our resources and our established accounts with a multitude of vendors to purchase specified FF&E and then in turn sell them to our clients. In using the “Dealer” method, our project managers actually get multiple bids for all products specified rather than going strictly to a single vendor.  This guarantees our clients the lowest pricing we can achieve by competitively bidding all line items on a specification. Because of our relationships with many manufacturers,

A second method for purchasing is for Intramode to act as “Agent” for the Owner. When acting as Agent, Intramode would still get multiple bids for all products specified, and would prepare all the Purchase Orders based on the specifications and send them out to manufacturers.  But the Purchase Orders would actually be issued from the Owner.  In doing this, Intramode is the point of contact with the vendor and would make the arrangements for payments to come from the Owner when needed.  The Owner would have to set up accounts with manufacturers at the time the Purchase Orders are sent, if not already established, and follow the payment terms set up at that time.   Intramode would notify the Owner when payments were needed and those payments would be sent directly to the manufacturer.

A third option, a combination of Agent and Dealer, may be the best method of purchasing.  This “Open Book Dealer” methodology combines the advantages of both Agent and Dealer, and gives complete transparency to the purchasing process.  In this practice, Intramode would get all the competitive bidding, utilize the great credit terms we have with manufacturers, negotiate the best pricing, create the purchase orders, purchase all products and have all payments go through Intramode.  This approach has the transparency of acting as Agent, but allows for a faster project schedule, more efficient logistics, one Project Manager involved from the beginning and only one payment to be made by the Owner. This method will save the Owner time and money by allowing Intramode to do what we do best - control the purchasing process, and whatever challenges arise during the course of it, from beginning to end so that it is a seamless part of the entire project. The Owner does not have to worry or spend any time dealing with the details of purchasing millions of dollars of FF&E and OSE and can concentrate on the bigger picture - the opening and operations of the property.

  • Competitive Bidding:  Intramode will prepare comprehensive bid document packages for release to the final approved list of manufacturers (bidders) of FF&E.  The bid documents encompass all relevant information needed in order that each bidder will have a full and complete understanding of the work.
  • Bid Analysis & Value Engineering:  After receipt of all bids, Intramode will analyze each for completeness and thoroughness.  The firm will resolve any questions with each bidder before preparing comparisons for each bid category.  One of the most crucial components of the FF&E bid process is the discussion with each bidder of the way in which to engineer the item to obtain the best value for the client without sacrificing the designer's vision.  Intramode excels in this process.
  • Bid Summary & Recommendations:  The results of the bid analysis and value engineering process will be presented to the client and designer.  Intramode will discuss the merits of each bid and provide the rationale for their award recommendation.  Before the award is finalized, the firm may coordinate for the client a personal interview with a number of the bidders along with a visit to their facilities.
  • Contract Negotiations:  The firm will negotiate the most favorable contract package with the bidders encompassing price, payment terms, production schedule and other salient issues.  Any feedback from the client is encouraged by Intramode in this process.
  • Purchase Order Preparation & Transmittal:  After presentation of a final FF&E cost report, and based on the results of the final contract decisions, Intramode will prepare purchase orders and contracts as Agent for the client.  If requested, Intramode shall provide draft versions of each document to be sent to the designer for review and approval, prior to the original contract documents being submitted to the client for approval.